Miriam Costa-Jackson



Real-life sisters performing together in Seattle Opera's run of 'Cinderella'

Real-life sisters Ginger and Miriam Costa-Jackson sing the roles of Cinderella and Clorinda, also known as “the Evil Step-sister.” 


Miriam as Clorina

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Sister acts: Musical siblings share the spotlight at Seattle Opera, Meany Theater

It was Miriam, at 11, who was the first to be intrigued by opera and who announced she wanted to sing. Her example inspired and excited the others.
“Our parents put all their money into our music studies,” Ginger says. “We shared a bedroom, and would help and encourage one another in there. We’ve also given each other money to fund voice lessons. There’s no need for rivalry...."

Costa-Jackson sisters to perform in Sun Valley

“It is rare that three sisters are renowned opera singers who perform in the world’s great opera houses and concert venues,” Sun Valley Opera President and co-founder Frank Meyer said.

Ginger is a veteran of the Metropolitan Opera; Marina is a resident artist with the Academy of Vocal Arts in Philadelphia, and recent winner of several major competitions, including the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions; and Miriam began the family quest in opera as an 11-year-old, and trained with the famed Renata Scotto at Santa Cecilia in Rome...

Four Winners Named in 2017-18 Utah District Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions

Miriam Costa-Jackson, a 28 year-old soprano and native of Sandy, Utah, has studied vocal music at Utah State University and Brigham Young University. She was a member of the Young Artist Program at Utah Festival Opera and participated in the VOICExperience at Disney with Sherrill Milnes. She will be featured with her sisters Ginger Costa-Jackson and Marina Costa-Jackson in a concert presented by Sun Valley Opera on January [30], 2018.